Behind every Family is a story of love, responsibility and courage. Key responsibilities to our families is meeting their needs, making them feel safe and secure and showing plenty of Love. Each claim payment to our policyholders and their beneficiaries is a promise we have kept. Whether it is used for income replacement, final expenses or sending a child to college, The Family Master Plan is here to assist you with your Family needs. This product is designed to suit the personal needs of an individual and his/her family.

The plan provides insurance covers for self, immediate family and extended family. To this end it is the only product of its kind in the market. Some of the best features of this policy are simplicity and flexibility. The premium paid is split into two: premium for life cover + cash bonus premium. Life cover premium depends on the level of cover selected and number of persons covered whereas the customer is at liberty to decide how much cash bonus premium will be paid every month.

Product Summary

  • The policy offers an attractive combination of investment and life assurance to better meet client’s needs.
  • This is a whole Life Policy. The term of policy is unlimited. Assured can save till death or old age.
  • Policy covers both Nuclear and Extended Family members.
  • Premium Payment can be done on Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annually.
  • Premium paid is split into Life premium and Investment premium.
  • The Plan allows you flexibility to choose any savings term from 3 years up to a maximum of 65 years depending on your needs. The longer the duration the higher the return
  • Investment premium earns interest on daily basis.

Death Benefits
On the death of the main policyholder or the dependents covered under the policy during the policy period, the Policy will pay the full sum assured.In case of death of principal member, immediate family members covered under the policy remain on cover till age 65 of primary life had s/he lived.

Cash Benefits 
The policy allows the policyholder to save periodically and cash in the amount paid any time after 3 years.

Optional riders:

Personal Accident
On personal accident the full sum assured will be payable.

Other features:

Medical Examinations
No medical examinations required
Low affordable premiums

Reversionary bonuses
Simple reversionary bonuses will be declared on the product as advised at the end of each actuarial valuation of the life fund. A policy must have been in force for at least one year in order to accrue the bonuses

Tax benefits
The policy holder is entitled to Tax exemption on the premium paid.