Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions in Life Assurance and Grouplife

  • Policy document – Evidence of Contract
  • Endorsement – a written or spoken statement confirming changes in a policy.
  • Reversionary bonus– A bonus added to the sum assured (or basic sum assured) of a with profits life assurance policy out of a life company’s surplus profits.
  • With profits policy– is an insurance contract that participates in the profits of a life insurance company.
  • Sum Assured – amount payable on happening of the contingency assured against
  • Assured – Party entitled to receive money under an assurance contract on the happening of stated event
  • Assurer the office that agrees to pay money to another party on the happening of insured event
  • Life Assurance– the insured event is bound to happen ie death
  • Who can Join A pension Plan
    Any kenyan above the age of 18years whether employed or in self employment.
  • Who can Join Heshima Mpango Poa
    An individual over the age of 18 years can join and cover his/her family.
  • Who pays for premiums for Group Life cover
       The employer is responsible for paying premiums.
  • Group Life benefits Documentation
    > Death Certificate.
    > Burial Permit.
    > National Identification card/ Surrender of ID-Deceased.
    > National Identification card – Payees or Birth Certificates if Minors
    > A letter from the Provincial Administration ( Chief)
    > ATM/ BANK DETAILS FOR ALL PAYEES (Indicate your correct account number, Account branch and your Mobile phone  number)
  • Group Life Disability Documentation
    All doctors reports.
    > For all these medical reports please include all doctors reports, doctors notes, X ray reports, Discharge summaries and any other medical
    report that regards your injury/disability.
    >  Abstract /P3 forms. In case of an accident.
    > National Identification card.
    > BANK DETAILS – ATM (Indicate your correct account number, Account branch and your Mobile phone number).