Income Guard Policy is intended to provide lump sum benefits in case of death of the policy holder. It is specially designed to protect your income from uncertainties thus affording you peace of mind to ensure you focus on income generation activities without worry.

TermThe minimum term for the policy is 5 years
Age LimitsMinimum age allowed is 18 and maximum 55 years

How Income Guard Policy Works

  • This policy provides for lump sum benefit in case of natural death of the policy holder.
  • It also provides accidental death benefit at ten times the lump sum benefit.

Other Benefits

  • Total Permanent disability due to accident:
    The policy will pay you ten times the natural death benefit in 36 equal monthly installments.
  • Income Replacement
    Should you suffer temporary disability as a result of an accident you will be paid a weekly income subject to your weekly earnings cap up to a maximum of 104 weeks.
  • Accident Medical Expenses Reimbursement
    Pioneer will reimburse medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident up to the relevant maximum.

Other Features
> Minimum term = 5 years.
> Maximum term = Up to age 65