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Trees and Scholarships for Kenya

Pioneer launched a CSR program dubbed ‘Trees and Scholarships for Kenya’ (TASK) in 2021. It aims to increase forest cover across the 47 counties of Kenya and provide bursaries to bright but needy students. Overtime, it has morphed to include street and town clean-ups in every town hosting its branches.

his campaign has so far reached over 24,780 students in over 20 Counties and empowered them to plant more than 29,000 trees. A total of 165 students have received bursaries in order to foster a generation of climate champions.

TASK is gaining traction and has been featured in major Media platforms in Kenya. In the course of time Pioneer has had its media footprint in major TV networks such as: KBC, KTN News, K24, The Standard, The Star, Standard Digital, Kameme FM, BK Radio, Taai FM, Sifa FM and various other blog posts and social media collaborations.

Pioneer, prioritizes Corporate Social Responsibility, ensuring its actions are ethical and contribute positively to economic development.

The company’s purpose extends beyond profit-making to enhancing the quality of life for its workforce and the broader society.

Pioneer Insurance strives to merge tree planting with scholarships, academic excellence, social responsibility, sustainability, and good citizenship in pursuit of climate action.


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