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Occupational Retirement Schemes

This is a retirement benefits scheme set up and registered by the employer for the benefit of its. employees.
School Care

What is offered

• The Scheme is registered in the name of the employer.
• The Employer choses whether the scheme is Pension scheme or Provident Fund.
• The employer appoints the trustee who become the legal owners of the scheme. This can be individual trustees or corporate Trustee
• Where the trustees are individual trustees, the sponsor nominates 50% and the members elect 50% to represent the is interests in the scheme
• The trustees appoint the scheme administrator, Fund manager or Approved issuer, Custodian
• As Pioneer Assurance, we offer Administration services to occupational schemes, Investment of scheme funds and also custodial services.

Benefits at Glance

Sponsor remains in control of the scheme through the Trustees.

The employer can include death in service to the scheme.

Frequent updates on scheme performance via trustee meetings.

Employer enjoys customized training sessions

The Employer is fully in control of Compliance checks of the scheme.


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