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Group Life Assurance (GLA) Plan

Our Group Life Insurance plan provides an effective insurance solution for employers seeking life insurance protection for their employees.
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What is offered

This is a form of Life insurance offered by an Employer or Association to its workers or members.


This plan is ideal for all types of employers, and covers incorporated companies, government institutions and agencies, NGOs , Saccos and other types of business and non-business entities.


GLA is typically offered as a membership benefit package. Members to be covered under GLA must be existing for some other common purpose.

Benefits at Glance

The main benefit under this policy is death in service whether by Accident or Illness

Cover Benefits are usually expressed as a multiple of salary (2,3,4 times basic salary) or on fixed amounts (500,000/=, 1,000,000/= etc)

The cover has riders: Permanent Total Disability, Critical Illness, Last Expense


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