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Group Last Expense (Heshima Plan)

This group policy provides for funeral costs for departed members and their dependents
School Care

What is offered

Pioneer Assurance has a tailor-made Group Last Expense insurance cover that is meant for registered groups such as Corporates, Cooperatives, Welfare Groups, Micro Finance Institutions and SMEs that pays a benefit towards meeting, the funeral expenses of a member.


By arranging for the payment of a set sum upon the untimely passing of any scheme member, Pioneer’s Group Last Expense plan eases the burden of funeral arrangements and associated costs.

Benefits at Glance

A benefit of a specified sum assured per member is payable on death of any of the lives assured (principal member, spouse, child and parent/Parent-in-law) within 48 hours of documentation.

The benefits of this cover range from 50,000 to 300,000

Waiting period: 2 months unless death occurs through accident for stand-alone policy

Age: 1 – 70 years at entry for principal members and spouses and 80 years for parents and parents-in-law

Annually renewable cover

Minimum membership per group is fixed at ten members of a registered group

Claims paid within 48 hours of reporting & documentation


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